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Qatar submitted three videos to the FIFA committee with each of them focusing on a specific message it wanted to deliver in their case to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The first official bid video starts off by showcasing Qatar's historical and cultural elements while also showing the developments being made in the country. The video shows an enthusiastic coach telling his team to dream and promote team spirit. "Your training is really hard, you are very young, you're very strong. All the country is behind you" The coach uses these words to motivate his football team, but is really meant to describe the characteristics that make up the nation of Qatar. The video displays Qatar's universities and how invested the country is in developing its education (Qatar World Cup 2022 Bid Presentation 1). One of the most important messages in the first official video is that Qatar wanted to show the world that they were ready to make history and that it was their time to seize this moment. It also helps to show that the people of Qatar are also ready to take on this opportunity and that the country is fully supportive of hosting the FIFA World Cup.

Qatar made it a focus to present itself as a nation that embraces innovation, diversity, culture, and sports. Their messaging during the bid to host the World Cup focused on telling the world that Qatar would be the best fit to represent the Middle East for the first time on the world's biggest stage. Chairman of the Qatar 2022 Bid Al-Thani stated that: "the Qatar 2022 is a bid on behalf of the whole region" which was a very effective argument made to the FIFA committee. It touched on all the positive aspects of the nation, showing how they have all the necessary resources and ideas to host a successful World Cup. It wanted to show the world that it is a country that has embraced its modernization and development while still keeping its historical elements.

Morocco made history during the 2022 FIFA World Cup by being the first Arab and Africa nation to advance to the semi-finals. After historical win's against Belgium, Canada, Portugal, and Spain, Morocco gained incredible support from the Arab and African world. Morocco became a symbol of unity for the Muslim world during the World Cup and was an important factor in spreading a positive representation of Islam. Courtesy of Youssef Loulidi/Fantasista/Getty Images

During the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2022, Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani gave a statement regarding the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar saying, "Our region has suffered for so long. Hosting the World Cup will give hope to youth across the region. The impact of such sport event is not limited to fun but goes far beyond that. To achieve mutual understanding between different cultures and different backgrounds. The people of Qatar are excited to showcase our hospitality and the ancient culture of the Arab world." This statement given during the WEF in front of the highest representatives from countries gave the argument that Qatar and the region deserve to be hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup and that the impacts of such events will help foster and promote additional dialogue and understanding between the Middle East and the rest of the world. It was able to add to the argument that Qatar and the Middle East have suffered and been excluded from such types of global events and it was their time to show they are more than capable of hosting such prestigious events.

A new perception: hosting global events

One of the most important elements that the FIFA World Cup proved was that Qatar was able to show the world that it is capable of hosting the most prestigious sporting event in the world and delivering that promise to its people and the millions of fans around the world. Many questions were raised as the international community wondered if a small nation like Qatar would be able to successfully host a FIFA World Cup and satisfy millions of fans. But Qatar went far beyond people's expectations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, it showed the international community that not only was it able to host the world's biggest events but do it in a way that had never been done before.

This was a big win for Qatar as its people and leaders were able to successfully represent the Middle East for the first time at the FIFA World Cup. It is also important to understand that the successful delivery of the World Cup was also very beneficial for Qatari citizens. Qatar was able to fulfill the promise to its citizens of bringing the World Cup to the country and its people were very involved in making it a successful experience. As Qatar and the Arab world are proud to share their hospitality, Qatari citizens were able to share and represent Qatari and Middle Eastern culture during the World Cup. Qatari citizens were more than happy to aid Qatar in spreading a positive perspective of the country to millions of fans. With a joyful atmosphere spreading across the streets of Doha, Qatari citizens ensured that people from all across the world knew about the country and its people's values.

This has given Qatar a strong reputation in the international sports community, something that the nation had been lacking in the past years. But Qatar's rebranding to show the world it is capable of hosting global events is just getting started. Qatar is using the momentum it received during the FIFA World Cup to continue to advance its sports diplomacy agenda. Qatar is eyeing global sporting events such as the Olympic Games and wants to get involved in all the most prestigious sporting events in the world.